“Get Off My Back about My Body”

Jan 06, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


It’s a new year -- are you ready for a new you? Nicole says she wants to lose weight but says her “fitness freak” husband, George, has no compassion or empathy for her struggles, and his intense, drill-sergeant ways aren’t helping. George says Nicole... (more) is her own biggest obstacle to losing weight -- he says she’s lazy, makes excuses and gives up too easily -- and all his efforts to help her have only strained their relationship. How can he motivate his wife? And, Dominique says she knows she needs to lose weight but says her mom, JoAnn, won’t stop nagging her about it. Could JoAnn be sabotaging her daughter with her constant comments? Then, Charles says ever since his identical twin brother, Adam, lost 90 pounds, he has become an arrogant jerk who loves to embarrass Charles about his body. Adam says his brother resents him for getting healthier and needs a serious wake-up call about his weight. Can these brothers heal their relationship while getting to a healthier place?