The Night Four Girls Went into the Woods and Only Three Came Out Alive

Dec 17, 2014 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Dr. Phil takes a hard look at a disturbing trend in the news: Teenagers murdering their best friends. Several recent cases, including the fatal stabbing of Skylar Neese, have shocked the nation, leaving many to wonder: Why and how could this happen? ... (more)Hear from a woman who says she lived exactly such a scenario. Karen was just 17 years old in 1985 when she and a friend lured Missy Avila, also 17, to a spot in the woods where her life would ultimately end. Karen, who spent 23 years behind bars for her involvement in Missy’s death, recounts that fateful day. What does she say happened? And, if she could go back, what would she do differently? Hear the message Karen wants to impart to all young girls. Plus, when Shemida appeared on the show six weeks ago, she said she had been diagnosed with more than 70 medical and mental health conditions and was in so much pain she could barely get out of bed. But her family said they believed she was fabricating some of her issues for attention. How is Shemida doing now?

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