Hypochondriac, High Drama or Really Sick? Saving Shemida

Nov 11, 2014 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Shemida and her sister, Dana, who says Shemida’s 70-plus diagnoses are tearing their family apart. Dana says she thinks her sibling is fabricating some of her issues for attention and using them as an excuse t... (more)o avoid life. Two of Shemida’s children, 18-year-old Sharayah and 16-year-old Sayge, share their very different points of view regarding their mother and living with her illnesses. Dr. Phil weighs in: Is there a reason Shemida might be hiding behind illnesses and medications? And, can Shemida return to health and get her life back? Does she want to?