“My Friends Shaved Their Heads and Got Tattoos Because I Had Cancer, but It Was All a Lie”

May 18, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Chelsey, 25, says when she and others learned their friend, Meaghan, 25, had been diagnosed with terminal cancer, they banded together to support her -- from shaving their heads in solidarity to getting matching tattoos and raising thousands of dolla... (more)rs to help with medical bills. Chelsey says she was shocked when, more than a year later, Meaghan confessed to her that it was all a lie -- she never had cancer. In an exclusive interview, Meaghan -- who has pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft and fraud -- opens up to Dr. Phil about what she says motivated her behavior. How did the ruse come about? Why did she let it continue for so long? Plus, hear Meaghan’s message for her friends and family. Can they ever forgive her?