Young, Beautiful and Missing/“Homeless Joe” Returns

Mar 23, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Dr. Phil explores potential new clues in the cold cases of two missing women. First, 14-year-old Ashley Summers vanished in 2007 — just blocks away from Ariel Castro’s Cleveland “House of Horrors” — and aside from a brief phone call to her mother in ... (more)2008, she hasn’t been heard from since. Ashley’s mother, Jennifer, and step-grandmother, Linda, join Dr. Phil in search of answers. Could a newly-released FBI photo prove that Ashley is alive and well? Two facial recognition experts analyze the photo — what do they conclude? Then, in November 2011, Michelle Parker disappeared without a trace after dropping off her 3-year-old twins at the home of their father — the same day the bitter exes appeared together in an episode of People’s Court. Michelle’s father, Brad, says he believes Michelle’s ex had something to do with her disappearance — which her ex absolutely denies, despite having been named early in the investigation as the primary suspect. What happened to Michelle? Plus, when Dr. Phil last checked up on “Homeless Joe”, he was missing in action after abruptly leaving rehab in Texas. After being tracked down, Joe returns to Dr. Phil — how is he doing now?