The Student and the Professor: Is One Stalking the Other?

Feb 16, 2015 on Syndicated at 4:00 PM


Kaila says as a college freshman in Fall 2013, she became close with her psychology professor, Laura -- sharing personal problems, texting each other back and forth and even spending time together outside of class -- but the relationship took a bizar... (more)re turn. While staying the night at Laura’s house, Kaila went to the emergency room and says she woke up the next day back at the house, surrounded by all of her belongings -- which she says were moved in without her knowledge. Why did it take Kaila four months to move out? After their friendship ended, Kaila claims she received harassing texts from Laura and had no choice but to show them to police and the school -- and Laura was fired, although the police ultimately determined that Laura did not send the texts. The women say they’ve since been locked in an all-out cyber war, with accusations of stalking and harassment from both sides. Why does Laura say she was only trying to help Kaila? Dr. Phil brings the women together in search of a resolution. Did they cross the line?

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