The 36-Cell Perfect Game (Part Two)

May 01, 2021 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Conan, Kogoro, Amuro, and Irohazushi chef Wakita join their client Nichihara Taisei's high school classmates for a total of nine people. They split up responsibilities and begin preparing to spend the night at the abandoned church, but office worker ... (more)Wada is found dead in the toilet, shot in the forehead by a crossbow. They begin acting in pairs, and when Conan and Amuro are alone together, he asks him a question. At the same time, the sound of breaking glass rings through the church... Meanwhile, Nagano police inspector Morofushi sees Amuro in the video of the crime scene and recalls seeing hime somewhere before...

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Season 29 Episode 11

Apr 24, 2021

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