The Scarlet School Trip (Red Love Arc)

Jan 12, 2019 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Shinichi, Ran, and their classmates come to Kyoto on a school trip where they become involved in the murders of Nishiki and Ihaya, staff and casts members of the movie "The Fighting Red Tengu." Evidence left at the crime scene seems to suggest that t... (more)he murders were committed by a tengu. Sera questions the suspects about the circumstances surroudning Ihaya's death and believes any of Keiko, Agata, or Mayama could have killed him. Later, a hint from Momiji helps Shinichi and his friends realize the cipher refers to location names in Kyoto, bringing them one step closer to cracking it. They ask Keiko and her former classmates about Dekuri, who created the cipher, and it becomes clear that Dekuri held a grudge against the five of them. Shinichi gains new information about Keiko and her former classmates when he calls his mother Yukiko. As Shinichi closes in on the truth, he questisons the hotel reception staff and Inspector Ayanokoji and identifies the culprit. However, without enough evidence to arrest them, Shinichi asks Ayanokoji for help. The next day, the culprit makes his move against his final target...

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