Inspector Shiratori, Memories of the Cherry Blossom (Part 1)

Mar 13, 2010 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


At the theatres, the Detective Boys run into Shiratori who is depressed Sato's affection is being directed at Takagi. Shiratori reveals that he is bind to Sato because of an encounter he had with her in the past. Shiratori explains Sato as a young gi... (more)rl stood up to two thieves by herself. Shiratori helps her stop the thieves and in return receives from her a drink with paper folded sakura. Conan questions whether that girl was actually Sato as their personalities differ greatly. During the movie, Shiratori runs into a woman named Nami Kasakura who offers him a drink with paper folded sakuras causing Shiratori to consider the possibility she was the girl in the past. After the movie, Kasakura tells Shiratori she is being stalked and asks him to investigate. At her apartment, Kasakura's boyfriend is found dead. Conan suspects Kasakura but her alibi supposedly states she was at the theatre the whole time.

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