Dissonance of the Stradivarius Violin (Last Tune)

Feb 07, 2005 on YTV (JP) at 6:00 PM


Conan figures out the object was the real Stradivarius that lured the grandmother to fall to her death. He reveals the culprit to be Kyousuke. Kyousuke reveals that the Stradivarius was originally from his family. One day, the Kyousuke's father was a... (more)sked by his brother, Choichirou, to burrow the Stradivarius. He then attempts to to send back a replica to Kyousuke's father, but was found out. In an argument, Kyousuke's father falls down the stairs. Choichirou orders his family to not call the ambulance and to staged it as robbery. This is the cause of Kyousuke's father's death. As Kyousuke is taken away, Conan asks him the tune of a song from the cellphone numbers and finds out the Boss of the Black Organization's number is the song of "The Seven Children".

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Jan 31, 2005

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