The Rules of the Game

Jul 21, 1999 on TNT DRAMA at 9:00 PM

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The Excalibur has come to Babylon 5 to negotiate a landing on Lorca 7 -- a landing that the Brakiri ambassador refuses to allow. Lorca 7 is a re-colonized planet; Capt Matthew Gideon suspects that there might be medical technology in the ruins left b... (more)y Lorca 7's previous inhabitants.Gideon discusses his negotiations with station commander Capt. Elizabeth Lochley. Whether or not he receives permission, Gideon says will do what is necessary to find an answer.Meanwhile, members of the Excalibur's crew check out other business, including Max Eilerson's ex-wife Cynthia Allen. Allen needs money -- she has borrowed money from a loan shark, and he intends to collect either the money he loaned, or her life.But the purity of the Lorcans -- and the greed of the loan shark -- will not yield to reasonable requests. So both Gideon and Eilerson both are forced to consider unreasonable subterfuge.

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