What a Sap Special Edition

Sep 06, 2008 on SPIKE at 10:00 PM


Palm Beach County Sheriff's witness a speeding car in a drug infested area. Having stopped them in a pursuit, the driver angrily exits his vehicle to ask why he was stopped. He jumps back in his car and speeds off beginning a new chase in which a pas... (more)senger bails out. The female is the drivers boyfriend which is only discovered after a long inquiry. She reveals he has a vial of crack inside the car. Next, a Spokane Police officer is called to a possible domestic call on the street. Looking up and down the road the officers discover a man standing under a tree in which a female is up in the tree. They find out that the woman often climbs the tree when upset with family problems. Then, a Rialto Police officer spots a drug transaction taking place. The men claim they are construction workers headed to purchase supplies, but a bag of crack on the floor has the officer in doubt.

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Season 21 Episode 1

Sep 06, 2008

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