Copper Dollar Ranch (Jasper, IA)

Mar 28, 2014 on TNT DRAMA at 6:00 PM

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On the morning of March 3, 1983, a ranch-hand discovered the bodies of Steven Fisher, 20, and his girlfriend Melisa Gregory, 17, at Steven's on-site trailer. Their head wounds were so severe that their faces were unrecognizable. The medical examiner ... (more)had to use fingerprint and dental records to confirm their identities. Although Steven had been in a relationship with Melisa for about nine months, Steven still was married to Teresa Supino Fisher. Their marriage was rocky from the start and was rife with domestic violence disputes involving Steven, Teresa, Melisa and Teresa's father and brothers. Teresa and her twin brother Timothy Supino admitted to visiting Steven at his trailer at about 11 p.m. on the night before the bodies were discovered, making them the last known people to see Steven and Melisa alive. Is this simply a coincidence or is there more to their story? Could the rumors of drug trafficking at the ranch be true, and is that the real story behind these murders? The sheer brutality of the "Copper Dollar Ranch" murders rocked this small-town Iowa community to the core, and that it remains unsolved is even more unsettling. The Jasper County Sheriff's Office has revisited the case time and time again, but 30 years later, the families of Steven Fisher and Melisa Gregory are still waiting for answers.

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