Revival! Substitute Shinigami - Ichigo Kurosaki!

Feb 28, 2012 on TV Tokyo at 7:30 PM


Ichigo continues to fight Kugo Ginjo with his new Soul Reaper powers, overpowering him. He then learns that he regained his powers thanks to all the captians and lieutentants giving him a piece of their own powers. Then, Ginjo reappears and Hitsugaya... (more) reveals that he was the first Substitute Soul Reaper. Meanwhile Orihime and Chad rush to Ichigo and are confused as to why he and the other Soul Reapers are fighting Ginjo. Tsukishima appears behind them and tries to break their minds by adding new memories to their past. Urahara and Isshin knock them out. The other members of Xcution are given new powers of their own. Ichigo attempts to take them down, but Yukio uses his new powers to protect themselves and separate the others. Kenpachi quickly takes care of Giriko and cuts him in half, killing him instantly.

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