A Creeping Danger in the Kurosaki Family?! Ichigo's Confusion!

Nov 08, 2011 on TV Tokyo at 7:30 PM


Ishida's assailant stabs an incomplete hollow and asks for its cooperation. Ichigo returns home and resumes his life. Chad attempts to convince Ichigo to accept Xcution's offer stating that Ichigo himself wants the power to protect his loved ones. Wh... (more)ile walking through town, Ichigo sees Ishida's assailant and pursues him but runs into his sister, Yuzu Kurosaki, on the way. The hollow attacks her Ichigo and are saved when Ginjo dispatches it. As a result, Ichigo returns to Xcution and accepts their offer and Ginjo returns Ichigo's Substitute Soul Reaper Badge.

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Season 16 Episode 4

Nov 01, 2011

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