Episode 457

Jul 20, 2003 on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM


Big Brother's resident psychologists are on hand to provide interesting insights into the contestants behaviour and provide information on what they are really thinking about each other. Highlights from the weekend in the house are also shown. The re... (more)sident psychologists examine each of the finalists in detail - analysing thier behaviour and what it tells us about both thier personality and game plans. Jon and Scott discuss Nush after she is evicted and how they already miss her. Cameron, Steph and Ray take offense from it and Steph says she notices a 'divide' between them. The contestants take part in the final Saturday night task and win, gaining entry into the reward room for two nights. The group enjoy the 60's style room and sing, dance and joke around for the full time allowed in the room. Steph says she never approaches men and waits for them to speak to her.

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Jul 19, 2003

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