Episode 436 - Eviction

Jun 27, 2003 on Channel 5 at 9:00 PM


In the fifth eviction night og Big Brother 4, Davina hosts as always and discusses latest events in the house with the nominated housemates family and friends in the first of tonight's episodes. She is joined by the mum's of Tania, Nush and Steph who... (more) are all up for the chop this week. Tania's mum confesses she wants Tania to be evicted and thinks she does too, while Steph's mum appeals to the nation to keep her daughter in because of the possible romance with her and Cameron. Ms. Nowak is on hand to show support for her daughter and talks about flirting with African contestant Gaetano. In the highlights, Nush says she is struggling to remain friendly towards Steph and later Steph speculates about why Nush is acting 'distant' toward her, and says she thinks its related to nominaions. Tania still maintains she wants to leave the house. Davina announces that it's Tania who is to be evicted from the house with a massive majority of the public vote. Tania's eviction episode is later shown,

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