Desperate Measures

Jun 24, 1999 on CBS at 10:00 PM


Imagine that you have an incurable disease and you are searching for a solution. Is there any path you wouldn't take, any remedy you wouldn't try, when you're desperate for a cure? CBS News 48 Hours takes a look at some unusual and alternative healin... (more)g methods. Do these strategies work? Or are they fool's gold, sold to those who are most in need of real help? Miraculous Oil? When the religious pictures at her home in Worcester, Mass., started dripping oil, Linda Santos decided that it was a sign from God. Now her house is mobbed by pilgrims, many desperate for a cure. But is this a "miracle" or a hoax? Cancer Cure, Or Snake Oil? Some cancer patients think that 714-X is a wonder drug. They say it got rid of their disease when traditional methods couldn't. But the drug has never been tested, and is illegal in the United States. Does it work? Feel The Energy: Gene Egidio says that his touch can heal. He's created a big business out of it. But does it work? And how often? Healing Sounds: Can a soothing sound help cure cancer or relieve chronic pain? Some people, including some respected doctors, say yes. How does this novel treatment work?

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