Throw of the Dice

Jun 04, 2014 on Channel 4 at 9:00 PM


This episode shows how A&E is somewhere that wisdom and insight is passed not just from medic to medic, but also from generation to generation. Fifteen-year-old Linden is brought to A&E having badly cut his leg while back-flipping off a shed roof ... (more)onto a trampoline. As well as calling an ambulance, Linden's friends filmed the accident on their mobile phones and happily show the clip to A&E staff. But Linden's mum Liz is less impressed and worries whether her son will ever learn to be more careful. Junior doctor Sammy is looking after 88-year-old Panayiota, who's been referred to hospital with breathing difficulties. Originally from Cyprus, Panayiota speaks very little English and Sammy has to telephone a translator to help with the diagnosis and treatment. Panayiota's daughter Maria talks about her strained relationship with her strict mum. Meanwhile, 55-year-old lorry driver Antony has come to King's having lost all feeling in his left leg. An ultrasound scan reveals that Antony has a blocked artery and needs emergency surgery or he could lose his leg. Antony's smoked for 40 years. He realises that it's likely to have contributed to his condition, but he says that it's his only enjoyment in life.

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