Stand By Me

May 07, 2014 on Channel 4 at 9:00 PM


This episode looks at how A&E is a place where mums and girlfriends show their natural instinct to protect their men. Four-year-old Alfie is rushed to King's with a broken thighbone after falling off his bike into a sandpit. The medical team are c... (more)oncerned that Alfie may have ruptured an artery, causing internal bleeding. It's a shock for Alfie's mum, Toni, who reveals why she is so protective of her son: her sister was murdered when she was a child. Nineteen-year-old Chris is brought in from a rugby match in Kent, having suffered suspected neck and spinal injuries from a hard impact during the game. Chris is experiencing numbness and the injuries look serious, so the medical team perform a series of tests, including a CT scan. He's accompanied by his mum and dad, as well as by his girlfriend, Becky, who stays by his side as they await news. Meanwhile, 42-year-old James has chest pains and is struggling to breathe. While the medical team find out what's wrong, James and his wife Fiona joke that he's a hypochondriac. But the tests show that they were right to come to King's.

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