When police questions Mona regarding Smriti’s disappearance

Jul 30, 2014 on Sony Entertainment Television at 10:30 PM


When police questions Mona regarding Smriti’s disappearance she feigns ignorance but when he produces Smriti’s mobile from Mona’s car, she agrees to speak to her father. Kapil gives Mona’s things to Dharmendra and Nikhil. Detective tells Anand that h... (more)e is unable to reach Mona. YS tells Anand that he has asked Dabra to stay low for sometime. Mahato tells YS that police has come to the Mines’ office to investigate. Ajju tells Gauri that he is worried about Taruni. Ranjan tells Rishi that they should get into the security business but Rishi figures out that it’s his mother’s plan and chucks it immediately. Mona tells the truth to police and they arrest Kapil from her house. Jeet tells Gauri that he is pressurized to investigate Gautam Dev and this can lead to YS as well. The minister tells the police that if they can’t arrest Dabra they should arrest Taruni. Mahato informs Rishi about Taruni’s arrest. When Rishi tells his friend about his kidnapping he doesn’t believe it. Mona tells the entire truth to her family but Manju doesn’t believe her. Manju’s lawyer tells her that if Mona takes back her statement they can get Kapil out on bail. Rishi leaves for Madhyaraj without informing Nayan. Mona is disappointed that her father is willing to blame Smriti but not Kapil. Anand gets an anonymous call informing him that state intelligence has released a memo stating that the naxalite group AILF is behind the blasts. When Anand gets hold of the memo YS wants to release it in press but Anand disagrees. Rishi lands there and supports his father’s suggestion. Taruni returns from the police station and there will be no case against Dabra hence YS asks Anand to stop the news release but Anand tells him that the news is already out. YS returns home, Gauri finds Taruni sleeping in her room and Mona spends the night at Kavita’s house. Rishi decides to stay back in Madhyaraj.

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