Nazi Ice Fortress

Mar 17, 2015 on Science Channel at 9:00 PM


Night images of Western Australia show lights in areas where there shouldn't be any, even more light is seen in the desert than in the big cities on the coast; images seem to show a big steel door on an entrance to a cave or underground base in Antar... (more)ctica, could this be the remains of a Nazi base; Space Shuttle Endeavor takes pictures of a chain of 8 craters stretching 450 miles along the 38th parallel covering Kansas, Missouri and Illinois; radar images of the empty quarter of Oman show tracks or roads that may lead to Ubar, the mythical 'Atlantis of the Sands'; a series of hexagon shaped clouds appear over the Bahamas at the western edge of the Bermuda triangle; in the Gobi Desert of northern China a grid is seen 1-mile long and 0.5-mile wide with a strange line pattern

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