April Gets Revenge

Dec 07, 2003 on MTV at 9:30 PM

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Bam plans to take April, Phil, Don Vito and his raucous crew of friends out for a boating trip on the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania. But what Bam really wants to do, is take April, Phil and Don Vito to an island 100 yards away from Three Mile Isl... (more)and, the notorious nuclear power plant and leave them there for 24 hours. When they arrive on the island, April becomes suspicious of Bam's intentions. April, Phil and Don Vito decide to take the boat back to shore without Bam. Bam and his crew end up being the ones staying on the island for 24 hours. Bam and company try to make most of their time on the island by building a makeshift skate ramp and a wooden shack for shelter. 24 hours later, Bam and his crew make it back to shore. To get revenge on April, Bam has a local news reporter show up at April's job. The reporter shows April a video clip of the Margera house exploding. April freaks and hurries home, only to find the house still intact with Bam sitting in the driveway laughing.

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Nov 30, 2003

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