Taxi Driver

Mar 10, 2013 on BBC TWO at 12:00 AM


A London cabbie tests his skills on some of the most chaotic streets in the world in Mumbai India. His host is Pradeep Sharma, who lives with his extended family in a tiny two bedroom house and earns less than ten pounds a day for his long and stress... (more)ful shift. As Mason takes his life in his hands to learn the Knowledge Mumbai style, he also begins to understand the plight of the millions of migrant workers who flood into India's cities looking for work. They often encounter poverty, discrimination and hostility. Inspired by their sheer determination, Mason's final challenge is to go solo in an Indian taxi, picking up passengers, finding his way around and earning his crust in the madness of the Mumbai rush hour. It's like 'Mad Max meets the Kumars' as Mason puts it.

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