Hanslope, Milton Keynes - Animal Farm

Apr 03, 2005 on Channel 4 at 6:00 PM


800 years ago, England was a far from green and pleasant land. Civil war was raging between King John and a bunch of rebellious nobles, and among those nobles were the Mordwits who owned most of the land around here. A photograph of this field sho... (more)wed these rather unusual crop marks. Archaeologists thought they were probably prehistoric, pretty standard stuff. But some amateur archaeologists decided to have a look and blow me, they’ve found this twelfth century building, along with some lovely finds like this weird corbel, isn’t that strange. It was obviously a very important building but it was abandoned very suddenly. Time Team have been called in to help. What was this place and what was all around it? Was it part of the Mordwit estate and if so did King John destroy it in an act of revenge? We’ve got just three days to find out.

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