Lambeth Palace, London - The Archbishop's Back Garden

Jan 29, 1995 on Channel 4 at 12:00 AM


The Archbishop's Back Garden. Historically it was believed that the original Roman road into London veered east and crossed the river at Tower Bridge, placing the original site for the Roman capital of Londinium in the financial centre of the mode... (more)rn day city. But 60 years ago an amateur archaeologist, Bernard Davis, upset the status quo when he excavated what he believed to be the remains of the first Roman road into London - in the gardens at Lambeth Palace. Yet the existence of the road has never been verified and the site left unexplored. The Time Team have just three days to try and relocate Bernard Davis' Roman road and solve some of the fascinating questions its discovery poses. Did the first road the Romans built into London really cross the river at Lambeth rather than Tower Bridge and if so, does this mean that Lambeth, and not the City, was the site of the original Roman settlement?

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