Between Brothers

Nov 25, 2011 on Cartoon Network at 9:30 AM

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While Lion-O and Tygra are in the Astral Plane dealing with their issues which have been magnified by the powers of Mumm-Ra who wants them to destroy each other, the other Thundercats protect the village from Slithe, Grune and the Lizard army. The El... (more)ephants make a surprising decision after meditating and Lion-O realizes the truth of being betrayed by Tygra. Panthro has some interesting flashbacks while telling Wily Kit and Wily Kat how Grune lost his tooth, and in the end Panthro makes a sacrifice to defeat his enemy.

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Into the Astral Plane
Season 1 Episode 12

Nov 18, 2011

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New Alliances
Season 1 Episode 14

Mar 24, 2012

Guest stars

Clancy Brown, Tara Strong