Feb 09, 2009 on ABC Family at 8:00 PM

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Ben and Amy's relationship hits a rough patch when Ben tells her that he needs some space. Amy is angry and sad at his decison and decides to give him a ring that she gets from Ashley in order to prove to him that she accepts him for who he is and lo... (more)ves him. Ashley and her argue and Ashley accuses her of wanting to give up the baby so that she can keep Ben. Ben has doubts about his relationship with Amy and thinks that she still has feelings for Ricky. Jack and Shawna argee to see each other. Lauren and Madison stand by Amy and Alice and Henry stand by Ben. Adrian and Grace argue over Ricky and get into a catfight, but become closer to each other as a result. Elsewhere, Grace's parents apologize to each other and Anne and George interview people who are interested in adopting Amy's baby,but George makes them leave before Anne gets a chance to talk to them because they want a closed adoption rather than an open adoption. Meanwhile, Ricky apologizes to Amy for him accidentally breaking up her and Ben. He talks to her about Ben and the baby, Amy gets upset, and Ben, Adrian, and Grace catch Ricky and Amy hugging. George's gay co-workers come by and talk to George and Anne about them wanting to adopt Amy's baby, and Amy agrees. Ricky tells Jack that he is through with both of Adrian and Grace for good and wants to be with Amy. Amy tries to pay Ben a visit but Ben's father intervenes."

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