The Mole 3.0, Episode 5

Jun 30, 2008 on ABC at 12:00 AM


During a cold evening, the players find themselves chained together in a game of trust. Faced with the prospect of spending the night in the cold, the game forces the players to make a choice as to whether or not anyone can be trusted to make a decis... (more)ion that will benefit the group as the whole, rather than merely looking out for their own interests. The players later travel from Uspallata to Mendoza, described as the "Napa Valley of Argentina." Though all are excited by the change in scenery, two players in particular find themselves at each other's throats during the van ride there. The conflict is broken up only when the decision is made by some players to switch vans. At the new destination, the players are tasked with a strongly physical challenge containing a huge twist. One contestant is offered a reward if the others fail and granted a great deal of power to sabotage their chances. The results of this challenge lead to a shift in the game for many, as reputations crumble and new suspicions are formed.

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Jun 23, 2008

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