The Mole 3.0 Premiere

Jun 02, 2008 on ABC at 12:00 AM


Jon Kelley hosts the return of The Mole, a reality-competition that follows twelve players on a worldwide adventure. One of them is the mole, a saboteur that could thwart their efforts at anytime. The games began immediately with a challenge that req... (more)uired each of the players to dive waterfall and grab for money -- with the exception of a single player who was left to determine which should jump for real money, and which for fake. When only a small portion of the available money is put in the pot, suspicions immediately flare as to who could be the mole. That evening, some contestants are less than satisfied with their sleeping arrangements when a set of players is told they must sleep outside. One player thwarts the rules by staying awake all night. Later, the teams are sent to a beach to participate in a scavenger-hunt style game. Though they fare somewhat better, winning a majority of the available money, evidence of possible sabotage leads some to wonder if the mole is already at work. The players nervously face the evening's first execution after airing a series of ten challenging questions regarding whom they believe to the be the mole. One player, who seemed to have been given an early advantage, is eliminated in a surprising execution.

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Season 4 Episode 7

Feb 18, 2004

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