Episode 9

Jul 29, 2013 on Channel 5 at 7:00 PM


Rachel and Jason set out to build a personal flying machine. In a daring and plain crazy feat, Jason attempts to catapult himself skywards, attached to 16 rotary blades spinning at thousands of rpm. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, comedian ... (more)Jenny Eclair takes a look at the best in tablet apps on iOS and Android. On a day out in sunny Brixton, she samples a game which lets you play Twister with complete strangers. Polly is in Germany visiting the famous robotics and aerospace centre known as the DLR. She checks out the world’s first throwing, catching telepresence robot, before trying out a multimillion pound plane simulator. Will the DLR make it onto her leader board of thrills? Elsewhere, Jason and Rachel take a trip to the gym, where they put budget MP3 players to the test. Finally, to commemorate the end of Rachel’s first series on the show, Jon is investigating the availability of suitable photo books. Can he find any that look good enough for Ms Riley to take home and put on her mantelpiece?

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