Episode 8

Jul 22, 2013 on Channel 5 at 7:00 PM


Rachel and Jason take a look at camcorders and ask whether we really need them anymore, now that we all carry one around with us built into our mobile phones. Consumer champion Dom Littlewood makes a guest appearance to test the best ways of staying... (more) safe online and stopping your personal data being snooped upon. From the tracking of our likes and dislikes to the more malicious hackers who try to get inside our hard drives, Dom has all the info to help ward off unwelcome online attention. Polly heads to Greece, where she ploughs her way through the rugged landscape just outside Athens in an all-terrain super car – the Korres P4. Is it powerful enough to catapult its way to the top of her leader board of thrills? Jon Bentley is off to Hemel Hempstead and its famous magic roundabout to test lawnmowers. In recent years, lawnmower technology has sprung forward –with the days of two-stroke engines or electric cords trailing through the kitchen window now long gone. But will Jon’s battery-powered machines be able to munch their way through the verdant grass of Hertfordshire? Finally, Jason and Rachel want to make the most of the sun by building a raspberry ripple ice-cream machine. Will the Raspberry Pi, the cheap, credit card sized computer taking the home-computing world by storm, be able to help them lick the job?

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