Teddy and Sunshine

Jul 10, 2006 on NAT GEO WILD at 8:00 PM

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Beware of Teddy Steve and Lisa Garelick's yellow Lab is aggressive toward people and other animals. He acts friendly, but then, out of nowhere, snaps and bites. Cesar begins by explaining to Lisa that there are two positions with dogs, the dominan... (more)t one, or the follower. When you have a high-energy dog and you don't provide the leadership, the dog's energy becomes frustration, then mix that with dominance and you can have severe aggression. After wearing Teddy out a little in the back yard, they take him for a walk. A small dog runs up to them, which alarms Lisa and Steve, but Cesar gets Teddy to tolerate being sniffed by the other dog. Cesar also teaches their small daughter to show affection to Teddy only when he is being calm and submissive. Dependent Dobie Michelle Bird's Doberman, Sunshine, has severe separation anxiety. She cries incessantly when left alone. Michelle's marriage broke up, and their household situation changed drastically from one with multiple dogs and step-children to just the two of them. She also worries that Sunshine could become a fear-biter. Cesar tells her that since she is not calm and balanced, Sunshine is not calm and balanced. Michelle understands immediately and totally commits to re-training herself so that Sunshine can be happier. Cesar teaches her to master the walk with consistency. Sunshine improved noticeably while they walked, and Cesar explains that now that Sunshine is not in control of the situation, she can relax and enjoy the walk and not feel the need to act dominant. Michelle is elated and believes she can now have a life again.

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