Alice and J

Jul 06, 2006 on NAT GEO WILD at 8:00 PM

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Patrick Lawlor and Karen Erbach have three dogs, one of whom is Alice, a Border Collie mix, who occasionally goes berserk with other dogs, including the two who live with her. There is apparently a pack dominance contest going on between Katie, an A... (more)kita, and Alice. It appears that Katie may actually be the aggressor, initiating the fights. Cesar takes Alice to his Dog Psychology Center to work with her in his pack. Patrick and Karen decide that they will walk all three dogs every morning to tire the dogs out before they leave for work, and that they will no longer show favoritism toward Katie. J is a Beagle mix who lives with Janet Canterbury. J nipped a postal carrier, breaking the skin; subsequently the USPS sent a letter to Janet's neighbors stating that mail would not be delivered on that street due to the presence of a vicious dog. Her homeowner's insurer threatened to cancel her insurance, and she was sued by the postal carrier. She calls Cesar for help. He teaches her to not give affection when the dog is anxious because that nurtures the anxiety. He also tells her that she needs to walk J and expose her to those situations that cause the anxiety in order to overcome it and refocus J's mind to a calm state. The aggression may be J's way of draining the anxiety. Cesar shows Janet how to demonstrate the calm assertive behavior that will calm J.

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