Bubba and Garret

Sep 24, 2004 on NAT GEO WILD at 8:00 PM

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The Good, the Bad, and the Bubba Heidi and Hal Wasserman own Bubba, a Maltese who is very, very spoiled. Bubba goes to work with Heidi and Hal, but attacks their clients when they try to leave, and even though he is tiny, he will attack large dogs... (more). He completely rules the roost, but Cesar shows Heidi how to "become the pack leader, who loves him very much." Catch It If You Can Sheila Malvasi and Joel Cohen have two German Shepherds, Keela and Garret. Garret has the compulsive behavior of chasing his tail constantly. Realizing that this behavior is harming Garret, and that it can't make him happy, they call Cesar. Cesar believes that what Garret needs is a job. He teaches Sheila and Joel how to structure the walks with the aid of a dog backpack so that Garret feels purposeful rather than anxious and excited. He shows them that they need to use their calm energy to refocus Garrett's attention when he starts to get excited and spin.

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