Episode 6

Nov 27, 2009 on BBC one at 9:30 PM


Dr Tia in Botswana reveals he isn't looking to change the culture of a continent, but just wants to earn the people's reverence. We also discover the origins of job interviews when a new caveman wants to join the tribe; the Second World War pilots... (more) eye up two 'buff' women in uniform; Dr Dennis Lincoln-Park is in the Dutch university town of Leighton with a rare and precious tulip; Weird Howard joins in on stag-do stories and relays a practical joke he played on a friend involving potassium hydrochloride from a Russian website; and Jilted Jim pops up from the bottom of the Jacuzzi, where he's been for four minutes trying to starve his brain of oxygen in a desperate attempt to forget the memory of his wife's fling. A group of workers are also about to tap into the terrorist Firewall when their boss comes up with a solution and introduces a masseur for "wellness in the workplace".

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