The West Palm Beach Story

Apr 16, 2006 on FOX at 12:00 AM


Dave decides to take the family to Florida to visit his parents, and because it won't cost him a dime. But he soon learns that Mike hates to fly, Vicky hates his parents, and Hillary wants to remain in town so the boy she likes won't forget her. This... (more) leaves Larry the only one actually looking forward to going on the trip, and has started a weight-loss program so he'll look good in a speedo. However, everything soon starts to go wrong when their ride to the airport is cancelled, Hillary's new nipple ring is discovered by airport security in front of an angry Vicky, and Dave is searched by security. Once they reach the condo, Dave is continously treated by his dad the same way he treats Larry and wants to return home as quickly as possible.

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Season 1 Episode 19

Apr 16, 2006

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