San Diego: Episode 26

Jun 29, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


""It's our last day in the big blue house. Tomorrow night, seven people who have grown close are going to be scattered all over the country again,"" Randy. Things are winding down in San Diego. A week before they move out, Brad says he already feels... (more) like he is losing something. The roommates agree that Cameran has learned a lot while in the Real World house, but Brad is walking away unsure about what he learned. Jacquese thinks they have all learned something about life and people and how to deal with certain situations. Cameran says Jamie has taught her that she can stand up for herself in a classy way, while Robin has taught her, ""if all else fails, hit"". Cameran's joking of course, but she is referring to the very real incident with Cameran and The Marine who didn't take too kindly to getting a girl's knuckle in his bicep. Brad notes that Robin's personality has really mellowed a lot since she got to San Diego. Brad, Cameran and Robin decide to go out to a club to get their party on o

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San Diego: Episode 25
Season 14 Episode 25

Jun 22, 2004

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