San Diego: Episode 25

Jun 22, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Charlie's ""girlfriend"" Laura comes for a visit and Charlie decides to spend his time with his lady rather than go to work. All the roommates need their bonus, so they actually make a concerted effort to get to work on time, only to find out that T... (more)roy is going to penalize them because Charlie has apparently skipped out on work that day without clearing it with the boss-man. Apparently, Charlie has told Jamie that he talked to Troy and asked for his permission not to work while his gal pal was in San Diego. Troy claims this is not true and the roommates are pissed. While the roomies are at work, Charlie and Laura spend their valuable time together by wrestling on the Love Sac. Cameran confronts her wayward roommate when they get home, but Charlie still maintains that he told Troy he would not be at work. When Charlie calls Troy to clear up the misunderstanding, Troy says he was really never clear if Charlie was coming to work or not. Brad could tell by Charlie's tone of voice that he nev

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