San Diego: Episode 23

Jun 08, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


With Frankie gone, the six housemates wonder if another roommate will arrive. Cameran would rather it just be the six of them from here on out, while Brad wonders if their seventh roommate might be an ape. Brad is on the phone with his kinda, sorta ... (more)girlfriend Andrea when Cameran calls out to him asking if he is coming into the hot tub. Andrea is not pleased and thinks that Cameran is a shady chick even though Brad tries to tell Annie that there isn't anything going on between him and Cameran. The housemates finally get word that they will, in fact, be getting a new roommate and three candidates will be arriving at the house today so they can interview them. They current housemates will collectively decide who their new roomie will be. Bobby a dude with a neatly quaffed fro arrives for his interview looking too cool for school. He tries to be funny, while Jacquese slouches in his chair thinking about how he doesn't like this ""kat."" And when Bobby says he wants to be ""part of something b

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