San Diego: Episode 14

Mar 31, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


The roommates learn that they have an opportunity to earn some extra money on the boat and they are psyched, but the way it works is that they all have to participate--if one person screws up, then none of them will get the money. The roommates noti... (more)ce a growing tension between Frankie and Robin. Brad thinks he has the two figured out. Frankie is the chill punk rock chick who hates cheerleaders and Robin is the high energy cheerleader that chill punk rock chicks hate. Jacquese says he would like to see Robin and Frankie get out their aggressions by wrestling…not for his personal enjoyment, but so Robin and Frankie can try and be friends. Robin seems clueless to the fact that Frankie dislikes her and says there has never been a time in her life when someone hasn't liked her. The girls go to the pet store to where Frankie looks for a pet. She checks out a Burmese python and Cameran is not happy. The pet store owner brings out his full size Burmese python that weighs 220 pounds and the gir

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