San Diego: Episode 8

Feb 10, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Robin thinks that she and Randy have a connection (they can, like, talk about the nightclub industry) but their relationship hasn't crossed that boundary yet of getting more intimate. They playfully snuggle, while Jacquese and Cameran can't believe t... (more)he two of them haven't even kissed yet. Randy explains that both he and Robin need a certain amount of attention from the opposite sex, but he's not looking to get into a relationship and he hopes that Robin won't hold that ""no strings attached"" edict against him at some point. Frankie asks her mom on the phone if she would ""kill"" her if she just came home. Her mom tells her to buck up; it's only four months out of her life. But Frankie worries that by coming to San Diego she screwed everything up. Frankie complains that she has no friends here and she's not like any of her roommates. Her mom reminds her that she's smart and can figure this out herself. Cameran notices that Frankie seems upset and depressed, so she invites her to come out w

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