San Diego: Episode 6

Jan 27, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Jacquese is 19 years old, carrying a fake ID. Never a good idea, bro. He's turned away from a club that some of the other roommates easily get into. Inside the club Brad and Randy press the female flesh and get their drink on. And get their drink on.... (more) And get their drink on. Meanwhile, Jamie calls home to warn Cameran that the doorman is being strict with IDs. When she gets to the club Cameran is denied entrance as well. While Cameran and Robin are standing outside the club, some guys behind the girls starting ragging on them. This behavior pisses Robin off, especially when they say, go back to the ""fake world"". This insult prompts her to cock back her right arm and slug one of the guys in the arm. Afterwards, even drunk Robin knows she shouldn't have hit him, but the guy is laughing at the situation, so she figures everything is kosher. She puts Cameran in a cab and then goes into the club. Soon after she gets comfortable, the bar manager tells Robin someone is looking for her outside

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