San Diego: Episode 2

Jan 06, 2004 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Jacquese wants to know what happened with Frankie and teases Brad about last night. Brad notes that he has a great relationship with his girlfriend back home and he's never felt that way about a girl. Randy, the observant artist, suspects that Brad h... (more)as some unexpected trouble headed his way while in the house. Frankie calls her boyfriend Dave and he asks if there are cute boys in her house and he wonders if she made out with any of the boys while she was drunk. Frankie says she doesn't remember exactly what happened last night. On their second night in the house, Cameran notes that Brad is everything she doesn't like in a guy, but for some reason, she is attracted to him. Jamie, the sharp cute chick, smells a hook up. Boisterous Brad causally mentions that he's got a large manhood and suggests they call his girlfriend to verify. Too drunk to realize he's calling her at 6:45am, Brad calls while Cameran listens in. She confirms that Brad has a right to brag about what's in his bag. Durin

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