Chicago: Episode 23

Jul 02, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Kyle's younger brother, Austin, watches the Halloween performance and stays at the house for an overnight visit. It's a sweet moment, but Tonya and Keri think that it's being done for the cameras. They rarely think that Kyle is sincere, and as their ... (more)time gets shorter in the house, it's getting harder for them to keep up appearances for his benefit. Kyle's actions don't help much as he worries that he's used his time in Chicago poorly and worries more about how he will be perceived if he participates in a charity fashion show. The rehearsal process makes Kyle feel like he is ""gay,"" but he learns to enjoy the ""acting"" element of modeling, and because it's for a good cause, he participates. Everyone in the house shows up at the fashion show to support Chris and Kyle's successful walks on the runway. However, all isn't sunshine and roses between Kyle and Keri. When the parks manager calls Keri asking her to drop off the week's timesheets, she warns Keri that parking is extremely difficult

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