Chicago: Episode 18

May 28, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


While discussing her relationship with Jared to Kyle, Cara realizes that she needs closure with him. He was her 'true love', her 'fairy tale romance' and she wants to know that she's doing the right thing by pursuing her dreams instead of spending he... (more)r life with him. The roommates then all decide to join Cara on a trip to St. Louis to meet her family and support her while she spends some time with Jared. Chris can't go because he has a family emergency and Tonya chooses not to go so she can work. The roommates are annoyed that Tonya would rather spend her time alone in the house than spend time with them. The time away from each other provides ample opportunity to be 'chatty.' Tonya spends much of her time on the phone completely railing on Cara, Aneesa, Keri and Kyle to Justin. It's not to unfair though, considering how the others spend much of their car ride to St. Louis ragging on her. Once the gang arrives in St. Louis, Cara meets up with Jared and the two deal with how they broke u

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