Chicago: Episode 17

May 21, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


After the events of 9.11, some of the roommates' priorities have changed, Kyle's in particular. He's realized that he wants to be with Nicole and he is trying to get back together with her. Part of that means changing his relationship with Keri. Even... (more) though their relationship supposedly ended a few weeks ago, Keri reveals that they still hook up pretty regularly and that Kyle is always interested in her after she comes back from going out on dates. And sure enough, after Keri goes out on a blind date with a friend of Cara's, Kyle is all over her again. Meanwhile, after going out on a date with Danielle, Aneesa loses the keys to the minivan. Everyone is looking to her to take care of the problem and Aneesa stresses out about it. She cries to her mother about how much it's going to cost. She whines to her brother that getting it fixed won't happen fast enough, but eventually she gets it done. After Keri tags along with Kyle to a friend's party, Kyle starts to feel suffocated by her atten

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