Chicago: Episode 12

Apr 02, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


The gang is continuing to work with the kids in Humboldt Park with varying degrees of success. The kids think Tonya is like a drill sergeant, always nagging and never playing. One of the kids most at risk, Nelson, isn't coming around as much as he sh... (more)ould. Theo is worried and lets Nelson know that ""he should be working on the mural again...instead of getting into trouble."" Meanwhile, Keri is having the post-Kyle blues and is getting homesick. When she gets the opportunity to go home for the weekend, she jumps at it. She wants to feel some closeness and intimacy with people who didn't go to Princeton and get her head together. While Keri's away, Kyle and Cara get closer. Cara admits that though she and Kyle are just friends, if Keri weren't in the picture, she and Kyle might ""share a drunken kiss."" When Theo's friends come into town, he parties like crazy. They hang out until the wee hours of the morning and Theo oversleeps, leaving Tonya to deal with the kids. It's not a good situation;

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