Chicago: Episode 11

Mar 26, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


The gang all heads up to Kyle's lake house for a weekend of sun and fun. The couples--Justin and Tonya and Chris and Kurt--find time for sex and other activities, while the single roommates hang together. Even with Nicole out of the way, however, Kyl... (more)e won't give in to his urges and hook up with Keri. They sleep in separate rooms and don't spend much time together over the weekend. Kyle explains, ""I have a great time with Keri and I really like being with her...but Nicole is still very, very with me."" When everyone is back in Chicago, the happy romances and the cautious flirting turn sour. Chris realizes that Kurt wants a lot more out of their relationship than he is able to give. Chris wants to focus on his recovery and on trying to stay sober while he bartends, but Kurt wants a commitment. Chris calls Kurt and ends it. Meanwhile, Keri is starting to realize that Kyle isn't treating her fairly. She talks with Tonya about her frustrations and decides that unless Kyle is willing to put h

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