Chicago: Episode 10

Mar 19, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Just as Justin is planning to visit Tonya in Chicago, she relapses with her kidney problem. The situation is so bad that Cara rushes her from work to the emergency room. Tonya is in an incredible amount of pain and explains to Cara that this was the ... (more)reason that she went home the first time. After getting treated she decides she should stay home for the rest of the week, which happens to include the time that Justin will be there. Theo thinks that ""Tonya's illness is absolutely real…she's not faking it. But…her not going to work has more to do with sex with her boyfriend."" Meanwhile, Kyle is planning a trip to his father's lakeside cabin. Everyone is planning to go and it seems like couples are forming--Tonya & Justin, Chris & Kurt…and Keri & Kyle. Kyle is concerned about how this might appear and begs Theo and Aneesa to come up early with him and Keri so it doesn't look like he's going on a ""romantic retreat"" with her. They initially agree but back out when they realize that they are b

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